Glisten release update

Hi there, I'm getting a lot of messages asking when Glisten is going to be released, so I wanted to send out this quick update to those of you who wanted the inside scoop! 

When will Glisten be released?
Glisten has wonderfully become an even bigger project than I had initially anticipated (isn't that always how it goes?) Though I have used professional videographers and photographers for this project, I am doing all the editing myself because I want complete control over the training materials. I promise that you will be the first to be invited to purchase it before it goes on sale to the industry.

What is included? Videos, audios, and comprehensive printable materials, including training schedules for your staff to follow, as well as detailed checklists and evaluation forms. You'll get access to all of the materials online so you can implement Glisten instantly, right "out of the box", the moment you buy. There are instructions for you too, explaining exactly how to implement the system in your company immediately so you can start seeing results right away.

Who is Glisten for? Anyone in the house cleaning industry who wants a proven training system that actually works. Even if you haven't hired any employees yet, you will want to learn it all yourself so you can live and breathe the Glisten way and instil it in everyone you hire. 

What makes Glisten so different? 

  1. It teaches so much more than the basics of how to clean. Instead, Glisten covers all the other elements that are essential to representing your company and ensuring it grows: client relations, the psychology of clean, how to deeply understand your clients, and so much more. Your employees will understand why what they do is so incredibly important and helps them take pride in what they do.

  2. It is for the modern, professional cleaning business. If you're dedicated to bringing a new level of service to your customers and know that having great employees is absolutely essential, you need Glisten. I speak directly to the new generation of house cleaners and meet them where they are at: with bite-sized video demos, more detailed audio directions to help them on the job (so it's like having me as a master trainer beside them), and plenty of support materials including training schedules.

  3. It isn't tedious, repetitive or patronizing. You can FEEL your new hires internally rolling their eyes when they are forced to watch a 10-minute video on how to make a bed. They may be polite at the table, but imagine how they feel when they walk away from a snoozefest. Cleaning is fun but watching someone scrub a bathtub is generally not. Show how much you respect your employees by teaching them what they need to know about their career as a professional house cleaner, not how to Windex a mirror. It isn't the process so much that people need help with, it's the evaluation and developing an eye for high standards.

  4. It's entirely customizable. Instead of sitting your staff down in front of one-size-fits-all videos and giving them all the same training schedule, I help them mix and match the various training elements. Everyone is different and comes to you with her own unique experience, learning style, and idea of where she is already at. By helping them understand a few different ways of doing things, they feel empowered to choose the one that resonates with them and owning it. This is essential for employee buy in and how you will create your very own sparkle squad.

  5. It gives off a fab first impression. I inwardly cringed when used the traditional training tools. If I couldn't get through a bed-making video, how could I expect them to? My job was to get them as obsessed with house cleaning as I was. This training is actually fun and interesting - like nothing you've seen before. I am actually showing you my secrets on how to delight your customers, dazzle your staff, and dominate your market.

What will my employees learn? Everything! But seriously, I have covered it all: how to clean efficiently and perfectly (using my 3D method), how to evaluate their work and the work of other cleaners, how to impress clients, how to prioritize their time, the psychology of cleaning and why it's so important, building relationships with clients, how to handle issues, how to ask for and graciously accept feedback, how to keep motivated, and much, much more.

Why does this system work so well? My system works because not only do i have incredibly high standards when it comes to what a clean house looks and feels like, I also researched how adults learn and have consulted regularly with an expert in adult education. On top of that, my system works not only for older people, but also fits perfectly with the younger "millennial" generation, their style of learning, and their lifestyles. I also developed easy-to-remember methods like "the 3D method" so employees instantly understand the concepts.

What does it cost? This system is modular and mix and match, so you don't have to buy the entire thing if you don't need it all. You can customize the program to work for you and your company at whatever stage you're at, and whatever you need help with. I will also have payment plans available to help make it easy for you to invest in your company. You can budget for $200 for the very basics to $1,000 for a complete system, with options for all budgets in between. All prices will be in USD as 90% of my clients are based in the USA, but I can also bill in Canadian.

What happens when I buy it? The instant you buy it, you'll get access to all the training videos, audios, and materials you need to give your employees - new or experienced. I've even created different training schedules based on the stage your employee is in. I've designed everything with you in mind because I personally know how to turn anyone into a professional house cleaner and I'm going to help you do it too!

Will there be a launch party and tour? Naturally! I will definitely be coming to San Diego, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. Want a session in your city? Drop me a line to request!

Glisten's History
10 years ago, I launched a cleaning company that ultimately became hugely successful. The ultimate reason people loved our services was due to the incredible performances my employees delivered, every single day. I expected high performance but was relentless in creating a vibrant workplace that attracted the brightest and most exceptionally talented and caring service providers in the city.

When I first started hiring, I couldn't believe that something seemingly so simple (wiping down countertops and making beds), was so HARD for people to do well. I knew if I wanted my company to grow (and make serious money), that I had to figure out how to get the people I hired to deliver house cleaning services like no one had ever experienced.

I dedicated my life to figuring out how to create a squad of "mini-Katies": teaching and training people in the art and science of professional house cleaning. I learned how to motivate, inspire, and fill their heads and hearts with my service philosophies. Because it's not just "cleaning". It's SO much more - that's the key to revolutionizing house cleaning in your city.

I have taken a decade of experience in the house cleaning industry, with a 15-year of marketing and communications career, over 30,000 cleanings and hundreds of hires and packaged it all into Glisten, the training system for professional cleaners. I know it works because I did it myself and have made so many improvements to the system that I wish I'd had years ago.

I will be in touch soon. I am seriously working on getting it finished 10+ hours each day, including weekends. I haven't slept more than 4 hours since I started development back in March (or February?) I promise you that I read all your messages and even if I haven't had a chance to reply to them all, I know how much you need Glisten and it is my #1 priority.

Have any more questions? Hit reply and I'll do my best to respond, though I may be delayed until Glisten is finished and in pre-launch phase. I appreciate your patience and will be back to my regular availability once it's launched.

Thank you for all your support!

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