The 10 best eco-friendly cleaning products and tools for your cleaning business

I often get asked what my favorite eco-friendly cleaning supplies are, and while I am a minimalist when it comes to cleaning, here is an assortment of my faves. I recommend all these products for both home use AND company use. Every product is concentrated and extremely cost-effective.

  1. Pink Solution All-Purpose Cleaner Canada | USA
  2. Pink Solution Scrub Canada | USA
  3. Pink Solution Hand Sanitizer Canada | USA
  4. The Unscented Company All-Purpose Cleaner Canada | USA
  5. Dupray One Steam Cleaner Canada | USA
  6. Method Toilet Bowl Cleaner Canada | USA
  7. Redecker Ostrich Feather Duster
  8. Dyson Vacuum Canada
  9. Amber plastic spray bottles Canada | USA

My house cleaning service was the first in Canada that offered 100% green cleaning. My commitment to non-toxic cleaning helped encourage franchises to add green products as an option, and helped pave the way for new eco-friendly businesses too.

For me, using non-toxic products was a REALLY important personal philosophy (and just happened to be an incredibly effective marketing angle as well). (Watch my little TV appearance from 2008 to see why).

To this day, I only clean with eco-friendly products, and all of the ones I've listed are economical AND effective for a house cleaning business - no super expensive stuff that really doesn't work on an enterprise level. In fact, the first two products alone could be your business's only products!

All products and tools should be available in the USA, Canada, and the UK, so go nuts! (And I am not making any money off these recommendations, they are just the products I sincerely love).

Do you have any recommendations for incredible eco-friendly products we should all know about? Don't be shy, you brilliant maid service owner!

Please post your suggestions in my house cleaning business marketing Facebook group.

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