Certification and Accreditation


Glisten Academy® recognizes the very best professional cleaners with the designation of International Certified Cleaning ConsultantWhen candidates have mastered their professional cleaning ability, they can apply for official certification.

You will be required to submit a portfolio of their work along with details on the cleanings they have performed to Glisten Academy and their application package will be reviewed by a Glisten Academy Assessor. Results, feedback and grading will be shared with you and the applicant.

The Classic Clean teaches the theory and practical requirements to pass a written exam. To verify knowledge and understanding, we recommend that each candidate own a copy of the Certification Study Guide and Course Manual. The guide is a series of questions and scenarios to assist in final preparation for the exam process and contains outlines for the theory and practical exams.


We recommend that candidates attempt the exam approximately four (4) to six (6) weeks after taking The Classic Clean course. This time frame is recommended in order to allow the candidate to gather the necessary elements for their portfolio and develop their expertise before writing the exam.

We recommend that candidates invest some professional practice time (at least 18 hours of training and 10 appointments) before attempting the Exam.

The written exam is a collection of challenging questions. The exam has been developed by Glisten Academy® based on the highest expected cleaning performance standards taught in The Classic Clean.

The written exam is approximately 1 hour in length made up of 50 multiple choice questions and short answer questions.

A passing grade for the written exam is a combined average of the multiple choice questions, the short answer questions and the portfolio grades.