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The Classic Clean Premium Bundle

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The Classic Clean Staff Training Program

  • 20 comprehensive modules on the art and science of professional cleaning
  • how-to-clean tutorials and detailed video/audio lessons to support practice and learning
  • 120-page comprehensive course manual PDF (printed manuals available)
  • client forms and templates as well as detailed training checklists
  • training planner and logbook with suggested training plans
  • official portfolio review, exam and certification/accreditation process
  • mobile app so you and your staff can learn on the go


  1. The 4D Process
  2. How to Clean Bathrooms
  3. How to Clean Kitchens
  4. How to Clean Bedrooms
  5. How to Clean All Rooms
  6. How to Clean Floors
  7. Your Career as a Cleaning Consultant
  8. Professionalism & Etiquette
  9. Client Care & Relationships
  10. Professional Products & Tools
  11. The Science & History of Cleaning
  12. Sparkle Safely (OH & S)
  13. Before Appointments
  14. At Appointments
  15. After Appointments
  16. Assessing the Cleaning
  17. Certification & Accreditation
  18. The Glisten Glossary
  19. Templates & Forms
  20. Training Guide, Planner & Logbook

Course Manual

Instant PDF download with the option to purchase printed copies for your staff. Over 100 pages of instruction and advice on the art and science of professional house cleaning.

Forms, Templates and Checklists

Instant PDF download and customize yourself by editing in Canva or Word.

  • Training checklists
    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom
    • Bedroom
    • All Rooms
  • Cleaning kit checklists
  • Client profile form
  • Breakage / damage form
  • Client checklists

Training Planner and Logbook

Suggested training schedules and tracking of all training and cleaning appointments performed to help your cleaning consultants keep organized.

Certification and Accreditation

Achieve the designation of International Certified Cleaning Consultant. Certification sets the highest caliber cleaners apart from the rest by showing that they’ve not only completed the required training and practice, but proven their skills to an Academy® Evaluator.

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