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From Dull to Dazzling lessons D.I.Y.

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$399.99 $799.99

This version of the program includes 12 self-paced lessons you will receive all at once for $795. You can also purchase each lesson separately for $95 each. If you want the 12-week coaching program which also gives you 12 weeks of access to Katie Pearse on voice message/text and includes 3 live group coaching sessions, click here.

The From Dull to Dazzling program is all about "glistening up" your cleaning business.


You’ve already got the basics handled when it comes to your biz—now it’s time to level up and reach for bigger goals and opportunities and solve the issues that are plaguing you, nagging you, and sometimes making you want to quit this industry altogether.

If you’d like to raise your hourly rate… if you’d like to roll out an ambitious new service… start finally making REAL money... or if you want to find and train some talented cleaners so you can grow your business and/or stop cleaning, this is the place for you!

Get 12 intensive and effective lessons and/or assignments, along with three live coaching sessions. 

Each week you will get a new lesson with actionable steps to take. By the end of the 12-week program, you will have a completely revamped cleaning business to launch to the world!

The Dull to Dazzling experience includes:

12 lessons (one per week) covering topics like pricing, marketing to clients, content planning, service creation and launch techniques, promotions and sales, and solutions for hiring, training and managing employees

At the end of our work together, you'll be able to share your improved look, feel and mindset with everyone - and start really attracting the staff and clients who will help you get the success you deserve.

$795 one-time payment or $1295 with the personal coaching option.
You can also buy each lesson separately.

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