Glisten Academy® Training For Elite Cleaning Professionals

Hiring Professional Cleaners

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In this lesson, you’ll learn …

How to hire professional cleaners for your business.

From job ads and interviews to job offers, orientation and training, building a team of cleaners allows you to scale your business and earn money without having to do the cleaning yourself. This ensures you are managing a business and not a career cleaning consultant, even if you enjoy cleaning and want to continue to clean yourself from time to time. The goal of Glisten Academy is to teach you to be a cleaning business owner, whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur who needs to learn the cleaning industry specifically or you are a terrific cleaner who needs to learn how to run a business.

The team you build is critical to your success because it’s up to your front-line staff to deliver cleaning services and represent you and your business to your clients. Your hiring process is the first step to attracting and securing the best talent in your city so you can build the cleaning business of your dreams.


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