About Me

Katie Pearse is a professional marketing consultant and instructor who started an eco-chic house cleaning business in 2008.

I graduated from university in 2005 and landed a fantastic internship with Edmonton Public Schools. After working there for 3 years implementing a variety of digital marketing strategies (which really had never been introduced to the district prior), I decided to use my skills to promote my own business. I launched a cleaning service in 2008 as it seemed like an easy business to start, with little overhead. I also found the industry to be one that seemed archaic and figured I could make a real impact bringing my technological expertise to the area of house cleaning.

After running the business for 8 years, I decided it was time to take everything I learned running a cleaning business selling over $1.3 million a year and teach it to other cleaning business entrepreneurs. So I branded myself as The Maid Mentor in January 2015 and launched a website with resources, guides, and consulting services. I also began teaching classes to small biz owners in the Edmonton area as of course my marketing and communications advice works for anyone in any industry. As a small biz owner myself, I love working with other entrepreneurs!

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