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Managing Professional Cleaners

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Inside this lesson:
  • Your role as their leader
  • Orientation and pre-training
  • Training professional cleaners
  • Communicating with your staff
  • Giving feedback - good and bad
  • Bringing out the best in your people
  • Staff meetings and events
  • Evaluating performance and conducting formal reviews
  • Terminating employment
  • Your job isn't over when theirs is (how to handle things when staff leave)
  • Issues you may encounter

In this lesson, you’ll learn …

How to manage a team of people you have hired to work for your cleaning business.

Most of you became cleaning business owners because you're are an exceptional cleaner who finds herself with a thriving business. OR you're educated and skilled in an area that is applicable to business and have to learn the cleaning industry. Either way, it's unlikely that you happen to be an expert in managing staff, and even if you have management experience, it's very different managing professional cleaners.

Once you've hired your cleaning professionals, you need to orient, train and manage them until the day they move on from your business. Usually, you'll need to do some work even after they've left - in the form of employment records or acting as a reference for other job opportunities they pursue. Sometimes, in rare instances, you might have to do some damage control with a disgruntled ex-employee as well.

I will help you understand your role as your team's leader, set up your systems and procedures so you bring out the best in their performance, and how to handle common issues that come up with cleaning professionals in the course of their employment. Managing your team is often our biggest challenge but can be mastered and is the key to owning a dazzling cleaning service.

If you want a team of cleaners who know what's expected of them and do their job every day, while you watch the glowing reviews from your clientele roll in, day after day, grab this lesson (18-page PDF + audio lesson) !


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